Sovereign Nobility

We've come up with the idea to start another sovereign for the rookie NEPL division. We're looking for skilled rookie players that would like to play 3-man rookie events at the NEPL JR.  More information as to when and where try-outs will be will be released in a few days, please hang tight!

NHIP Drill Nights!

This coming wednesday New Hampshire Indoor Paintball will be holding Drill Night! Drill nights will be every other WEDNESDAY with Crazy Eddie from GSP(Granite State Paintball).

Cost: 25 dollars per player
What: A night to come out and practice and scrimage other teams with us and many others.
When: Every other wednesday night starting at 5PM
Why: Why not? Honestly, why pass up the chance to play for 25 dollars for the night? this includes unlimited reballs and air until the facility closes! Not only that but this is a great way to start sizing up other teams for next season.

NEPL Jr. October 19, 2008

Yesterday, we played in the New England Paintball League 3-man rookie event. This was our first event played and our first time playing ALL TOGETHER! we placed 4th overall out of 18 teams. We met and played some of the toughest competition that we're going to be playing for the rest of our NEPL career. I would like to say thank you to the event staff, thank you to the teams we played that showed SINCERE sportsmanship, and the ref's. Without people like you all the event wouldn't have been fun to play at all.